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Heritage collection

With the Heritage collection, OTTOSTUMM offers a unique variety of window fittings from different eras. These fittings are suitable for a variety of window types, which were common in the late 19th to mid-20th century. They reflect country or culture-specific peculiarities in terms of use and function of windows in those times.

Handles, peg stays, cremone bolts and connecting rods usually were visible and had a much higher esthetic claim in the past than what they do have today. Fittings did not only have the practical function, like the opening, closing and airing, but they should also enhance and beautify the windows.

A few manufacturers produce even today these historic fittings, with great attention to detail, which gives OTTOSTUMM the possibility to equip steel windows for national heritage with fittings that meet the expectations of historians and architects who have specialized in the conservation area.

These historic fittings exude a strong nostalgia and mainly because of their rudimentary functions and playful character, they are increasingly used again for classic windows in contemporary architecture.

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