FerroFinestra W20

FerroFinestra W20 takes its origin from the British “Universal Range”. It is a complete line of hot-rolled steel profiles that gives a modern twist to the historic design of the 20th Century. Used both for external openings and internal partitions, it maintains stylistic continuity between the choices of the building envelope and those of the interior design. The wide range of possible finishes, from the industrial effect of “natural” steel to coating, guarantees great design creativity.


  1. rolled steel profile – high precision production lines
  2. solid profile with a thickness from 3 to 5 mm
  3. both internal and external overlapping sightline
  4. self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
  5. profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 21 mm
  6. wide choice of glazing beads, for different design of the window
  7. wide range of exclusive fittings, both contemporary and reproduced from original designs of the modern era
  8. side-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, horizontal pivoting windows, folding doors
  9. “natural steel” surface finish, for an industrial look of internal partitions, besides coating in any RAL or customized colours


FV 1010R-01

FV 1313A-01

FV 1310S-00

FV 1302R-00


C99105-25 example on window / door

C99000-12 example on window

C99004-12 example on door

C99107-25 example on door

C99328-04 example on pivot door


Hot-rolled steel


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