Mogs 2mm M65 TB

The M65 TB series allows the manufacturing of large openings with a streamlined visual impact and maximum stability. M65 TB profiles have a section in view of only 18 mm and are made from solid 2 mm thick sheet metal, with thermal break. The depth of the profile, from 65 to 72 mm, is designed to achieve high moments of inertia and to accommodate the latest generation of insulating glass. The PA 6.6 polyamide insulating core guarantees excellent performance in terms of energy saving.


  • 2 mm tubolar profile in galvanized steel with high moments of inertia
  • continuously welded profile, high mechanical performance
  • external flush and internal overlapping sightlines
  • mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  • profile depth compatible with high performance insulating glass
  • thermal barrier in PA 6.6 polyamide
  • choice of different glazing beads
  • wide choice of specific fittings, including both visible and conceived hinges
  • any kind of openings: side-hung, top-hung and bottom-hung windows, tilt and turn, pivoting and folding doors.
  • surface finishes in any customized or RAL colours, for a great planning freedom


Galvanized steel

Stainless steel

Cor-Ten steel

Bright steel


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