FerroFinestra WLS75 TB Lift&Slide

The new WLS75 TB Lift&Slide allows for large sliding openings with a minimalist design and excellent performance. The perimeter frame can be entirely recessed into the wall, for a highly clean-cut result. WLS75 TB can accommodate insulating glazing, including safety glass, up to a thickness of 51 mm.A system that is quick to install, with aesthetic and performance features at the highest standard. Available in bright steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and also Architectural Bronze.


  1. aesthetic cover
  2. perimeter wall recessed frame
  3. rebate gasket
  4. thermally insulated stailess steel threshold
  5. solid architectural bronze extruded profiles
  6. profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 51 mm
  7. leaf with aesthetic lock box or 75 mm profile depth
  8. wide choice of glazing beads, rectangular, triangular ad double “L” shape
  9. choice of handles with different design
  10. up to 400 kg


FV 1520E-02 | -05 | -07 | -12

FV 1520R-02 | -05 | -07 | -12

FV 1520S-02 | -05 | -07 | -12


Galvanized steel

Stainless steel

Cor-Ten steel

Bright steel


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