FerroFinestra W50 TB

FerroFinestra W50 TB system maintains exactly the same shapes as the original hot-rolled FerroFinestra, in a thermal break solution. The innovative high-density polyurethane used for the thermal break, together with the possibility of installing high-performance insulating glass, makes it possible to fully respond to international regulations on energy efficiency in buildings. A wide range of specific accessories, multiple finishes, in many types of opening.


  1. galvanized steel 1,5 mm thick, cold formed in high precision production lines
  2. profile sightlines and section design identical to the series FerroFinestra W40
  3. both internal and external overlapping sightline
  4. mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  5. profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 38 mm
  6. high density cast in polyurethane isolator
  7. wide choice of different glazing beads
  8. wide range of exclusive fittings, both contemporary and reproduced from original designs of the modern era
  9. compatible with 16 mm friction hinges
  10. side-hung, top-hung and bottom-hung windows, pivoting windows, sliding and folding doors
  11. surface finishes in any customized or RAL colours, for a great planning freedom


FV 1815A-02

FV 1807R-02

FV 1612S-00

FV 1612B-00


C99001-12 example on window

C04103-25 example on window

C99008-12 example on door

C99125-02 example on door

C99321-12 example on pivot window

C99321-12 example on pivot door

E99903-02 example on folding


Galvanized steel


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