Mogs M65 TB


Cor-Ten Steel

Mogs M65 TB Cor-Ten is a refined stylistic choice, which marries the weathered rusty look of cor-ten steel and the slender elegance of the Mogs M65 profiles. Originally used in restoration works, cor-ten steel is nowadays appreciated in different architectural settings thanks to its “natural” beauty. The system performance is at highest levels with excellent thermal-acoustic insulation and high resistance to burglary thanks to its 2 mm steel thickness that characterize the whole Mogs M65 range.

Features of M65 TB Cor-ten Steel

  1. 2 mm tubular profile in cor-ten steel with high moments of inertia
  2. Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  3. External flush and internal overlapping sightlines
  4. Profiles accommodate high-performance glazing
  5. High performance thermal barrier
  6. Weathered rusty cor-ten finish
  7. Wide range of square and angular glazing beads
  8. Wide range of accessories with visible and concealed hinges
  9. Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, tilt and turn windows, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, window and doors opening inwards and outwards

M65 TB Cor-ten steel sections

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