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Steel | Cor-ten Steel | Stainless Steel

The code “MLS72 TB” stands for an extensive family of thermal barrier lift and slide door solutions in steel, galvanized steel, cor-ten steel and stainless steel marine grade AISI 316L. All profiles are cold formed with 2mm thick steel – ideal solution for large glazing with weights up to 600 kg. The 72 mm profile depth is a perfect compromise between design and security. The extremely strong framing material accommodates security glass up to 50 mm and can be automated.

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Features of MLS72 TB

  1. 2 mm tubular profile with extremely high moments of inertia
  2. Aesthetic cover cap with insulating material
  3. Thermal barrier in polyamide PA 6.6
  4. Insulated front strike
  5. Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  6. Profiles available in galvanized steel, cor-ten and stainless steel AISI 316L
  7. Water drainage
  8. Profiles accommodate high-performance glazing
  9. Wide range of square and angular glazing beads
  10. Manual opening up to 400 Kg and automated up to 600 Kg, single and multiple sliding, pocket solution
  11. Fittings with concealed sliding mechanism
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