Secco Sistemi is an Italian brand that symbolises innovation and design.

For over 70 years, Secco Sistemi has been contributing to the evolution of window and door engineering: it invents systems that become reference models for the industry and continues to perfect them, to interpret projects and trends in contemporary architecture.

Secco Sistemi was founded in 1947 in Treviso by Aldo Secco, who wanted to revolutionise, from an industrial point of view, the world of metal windows and doors, at that time relegated to a few carpentry jobs. He himself designed a new machine for the production of window profiles, called “Alda”, which profoundly marked the company and the world of window frames.

The first successes came with the Seccolor product, a window frame that won the ‘Compasso d’Oro’ award in 1981, exporting not only the product but also the technology to produce it with new factories even in Iran and faraway China. The company had more than 500 employees and became a joint-stock company with the name “Industrie Secco S.p.a.”

Testifying to the industrial fervour of that period are many buildings in Italy, mostly public buildings, made with Seccolor windows and doors, characterised by the pastel colour that made post-World War II buildings dignified and elegant.

The Secco industry closed down for financial reasons in 1995, but in the same year, entrepreneur Luciano Gusmeroli and engineer Alberto Agostini (former technical director of Industrie Secco) decided to salvage what was left, downsizing the structure and planning new products, no longer dedicated to construction but to architecture, through the accurate design of the profiles and the use of precious metals.

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