VISS pivot door


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The VISS pivot door can be fabricated to suit the height of rooms and size of facade grid, thereby continuing the generous line of the VISS facade in the access areas. With this product we are extending the design options for large-segment glass facades, further enhancing the attractive and functional design of the facade.


  • Uncoated steel or hot-dipped galvanised strip steel, suitable for powder-coating or stove enamelling
  • Cover profiles in aluminium and stainless steel

Loadbearing structures

  • VISS system profiles

Types of construction

  • The VISS pivot door opens inward and can only be operated from the inside


  • Large thermally insulated VISS pivot door for special applications (max. W x H = 2000 x 6000 mm, max. weight of door panel 700 kg)

Special technical features

  • Thermally insulated door rebate profiles for glass thicknesses from 27 to 42 mm are available

Test certificates

  • Non-standard solution – certificates to be provided by the metal fabricator
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