Jansen Economy 60 door


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Thanks to its greater installation depth and wall thickness, the Jansen Economy 60 system is particularly suitable for large, heavy duty single and double doors and for applications requiring higher levels of security.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Uncoated steel or strip-galvanised steel, suitable for powder coating or stove-enamelling

Element types

  • Single and double doors, with or without side panels and transom windows
  • Sheet metal clad doors with or without cut-outs for glazing
  • Anti-finger-trap doors
  • Pivot door and folding wall available as a special design


  • Steel hinges are available for welding or screw fixing
  • Integrated door closers, concealed hinges and follower hooks
  • Multipoint locks (motorised also available)
  • Designer glazing beads
  • Emergency locks and panic push-bars

Special technical features

  • Installation depth 60 mm
  • Special geometries (semi-circular tops)
  • Also available as anti-finger-trap door
  • Also available with fire protection (Fire protection doors Jansen Economy 60) or smoke protection (Smoke control doors Jansen Economy 60 RS).

Test certificates

  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 14351-1
  • Tightness against heavy rain up to class 5A
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistance to wind load up to class C5
  • Sound insulation up to Rw 45 dB
  • Burglar resistance in accordance with EN 1627 up to RC (WK) 3
  • Bullet resistance FB 4-6 S/NS
  • Emergency exit door in accordance with EN 1125 / EN 179
  • Mechanical strength class 4
  • Conditions for approval fulfilled
  • Conditions for supporting safety devices fulfilled
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