Schüco FWS 50 / FWS 60

Aluminium mullion/transom façade system


FWS 50 / FWS 60

New Schüco FWS 50 / FWS 60 mullion/transom façade combines simple fabrication with high energy efficiency to passive house standard

The Schüco Façade FWS 50 / FWS 60 sets new standards of fabrication and energy efficiency. The focus of the development of the tried-andtested systems was particularly the optimisation of fabrication in the workshop and on the construction site. New prepared system components ensure, for example in the workshop, much faster and therefore more efficient fabrication processes.

The Schüco FWS 50 / FWS 60 façade provides architects with a diverse range of design options – including the passive house-certified SI version – in the popular face widths.

Very heavy panes will be even easier to fabricate in future thanks to the new range of glazing supports, and will retain the same high level of load transfer.

A new cable guidance system now guarantees the metal fabricator the safe integration of electrical components in the mullion/transom façade.

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Schüco Façade FWS 50.SI with new passive house certified isolator technology

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Intelligent and efficient routing of cables in the façade

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Horizontal section detail of Schüco Façade FWS 50.SI with aluminium pressure plate Scale 1:2

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• Passive house-certified SI system with new isolator technology: Uf values up to 0.70 W/(m²K)
• New HI isolator: Uf values of up to 0.9 W/(m²K)
• Complete solutions for the integration of Schüco BIPV systems

• Integration of diverse insert units:
• Units from the Schüco systems AWS, ADS, ASS
• Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI façade window as an outward and parallel-opening or projected top-hung window
• Combination with new Schüco FWS 60 CV ribbon window creates very narrow profiles for turn/tilt units

• New cable guidance system for simple, safe installation and commissioning of mechatronic components of up to 230 V AC:
• Rear cable channel on mullion enables the flexible installation of cable guides during installation or thereafter
• Additional components for the safe penetration of connection areas and panels
• Integration of Schüco AWS 114 as projected top-hung window or parallel-opening window: possibility of large automated window solutions incorporated in the building management system for standard and SHEVS applications
• Insert outer frame profiles for integration of the Schüco AWS window series with Schüco TipTronic fitting

• Burglar resistance tested to RC 3
• Bullet resistance up to FB4

Enhanced Functions
• New glazing supports for maximum weights and simple fabrication

New system components streamline in particular the fabrication processes on the construction site: for example, the innovative building attachment system that ensures reliable fabrication through the elimination of interfaces.


Schüco FWS 50 / FWS 60
• New SI isolator with hard core: for the safe guiding of screws, damage-free transport and efficient fabrication
• Uniform gasket system for the entire system platform based on the gasket heights of 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm on the inside as well as 5 mm on the outside
• New glazing rebate reduction profiles and ventilated spandrel profiles with simple clip-on technology and a perfect seal for reliable and clean fabrication
• Main pressure plates in future will all have the same contour including the insulation material required (standard, HI and SI): prepared solution for efficient fabrication with minimal preparation work, doubling of the Ix value with almost exactly the same profile weight optimises structural properties
• Innovative system for attachment to the building structure all round means reliable ventilation and drainage of the façade in the area of the attachment to the building structure, thereby allowing extremely efficient installation close to the ground


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The mullion and transom profiles are available in incremental basic depths from 50 mm to 250 mm Special e-mullions and e-transoms are also available for concealed cabling in the façade. A new cable guide system made of aluminium which can also be subsequently installed to be almost invisible on the back of the profile provides the option of laying future electrical cables safely and flexibly.


The façade from Schüco is not only a building envelope; it is also the platform for mechatronic systems. Reliable and efficient installation of cables in the façade is possible using the new cable guidance system. This facilitates the integration of automatically opening windows with Schüco TipTronic fittings, Schüco buildingintegrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and the accentuation of the façade using LED lighting with Schüco LightSkin or traditional external advertising.


A high level of energy efficiency is achieved through the SI (Super Insulation) system certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. The new generation of SI isolators has an impressive lambda value and excellent fabrication qualities. The HI (High Insulation) version offers thermal insulation to passive house level thanks to the optimised use of materials. A system with standard thermal insulation completes the range, thus offering a suitable solution for all climate regions.


Reliability as early as the planning stage. The new continuous system for attaching the façade systems to the building structure based on Schüco SimplySmart ensures fast, simple planning and fabrication. Minimising interfaces between the adjoining disciplines increases the level of safety for implementation. Façades with low projections in the base point are also possible with this system and support the safe ventilation of the system.

Schüco Façade FWS 50 / FWS 60 – the logical development of the tried-and-trusted Schüco FWS 50+ / FWS 60+ mullion/transom façade. In terms of design freedom and thermal insulation, it offers a wide range of options for the implementation of vertical façades and skylight constructions.