Facade systems


Facade systems in steel and aluminium

Bringing the advantages of the material to bear

VISS, the fully insulated glazing bar system, is a thermally insulated steel system for mullion-transom constructions. In cooperation with Schüco, Jansen also offers aluminium facades in Switzerland.

Whether new build or building in existing fabric – facades of all types and roof glazing can be constructed using only a few modular components. This allows architects and designers to fulfil varying requirements for thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection while achieving an altogether integrated appearance.

To achieve an efficient structural design of steel facades, VISS offers different load-bearing systems: fully simply supported spans, one side built-in or a continuous beam. The use of welded construction allows complicated elements and tailor-made shapes to be manufactured precisely to requirements. VISS facade systems are tested in accordance with product standard EN 13830. On this basis, fabricators/assemblers can obtain the CE marking required within the EU for the facade.

VISS Facade

VISS Basic Facade

VISS Fire facade

VISS Fire EI30 façade


VISS SG facade

VISS roof glazing

VISS Basic roof glazing

VISS Fire roof glazing

VISS Side-hung doors

VISS pivot door

VISS Basic TV / VISS Ixtra TV facade

Schüco aluminium systems facades

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