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The CONNEX cube wood/metal window combines the advantages of wood as a natural material with the good weather resistance of an aluminium outer skin. The window has an attractive appearance: wood on the inside creates a cosy atmosphere; the external aluminium facing – anodised or paint coated – can be adapted to individual client requirements.

The CONNEX cube system fulfils the most demanding requirements regarding thermal and sound insulation. Used in Minergie buildings as well as traditional construction, every house with wood/metal windows is “warmly dressed” in winter, and the heating system is on low output. CONNEX cube windows offer a favourable price/performance ratio; they are practically maintenance-free and have a long service life.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Aluminium facing either anodised or for powder coating
  • Frame, corner and butt joints are mechanically connected (pressed)
  • Wood quality in accordance with FFF Q-Signet

Window types / opening types

  • Side-hung, turn-tilt, bottom-hung, double-vent windows
  • Horizontal pivot windows
  • Fixed glazing
  • Lift-and-slide doors and house doors


  • Electronic monitoring
  • Concealed or surface-mounted fittings
  • Two-coloured inside/outside
  • Automated opening options
  • Integrated ventilation with heat recovery

Special technical features

  • Special shapes and radii down to 250 mm
  • Installation depth 64 / 74 / 84 mm (glass thickness up to 60 mm)
  • Flush inside and outside
  • Internal and external glazing
  • Sliding doors glazed to threshold

Test certificates

  • Q-Signet FFF (conforming to CH standard)
  • Uw 0.78 to 1.3 W/m 2 K
  • Airborne sound insulation to 42 dB
  • Tightness against heavy rain 9A (max. E 1050)
  • Air permeability class 4
  • Resistance to wind load class B3/C3
  • Minergie precertified
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