Each star has its own story. Out of the countless stars floating in the sky, no one is the same with another; but they have a common feature: they all have an attractive light. The fascinating nature of the stars inspired us to create The Architectural Collection. So, we entrusted the exceptional spirit of stars that carry their lights to furthermost distances.

The Architectural Collection is built with advanced laminate technology that has been time tested in exterior facade applications.

The stone and woodgrain textures offer an authentic feel you won’t find in any other entry door.

Each door features scratch-resistant panels that will withstand the rigors of normal use. In addition, UV inhibitors protect the Architectural Collection from fading, ensuring your entryway will retain its unique beauty for years to come. Pair with our custom-made stainless steel handles to give your home an exotic look that will get your neighbors talking.

Standard 3-point
lockfor all doors

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