Anti-finger-trap door Economy 60


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The rounded half shells minimise the risk of injury at the secondary closing edge. In this way it is possible to prevent crushing and shearing points in accordance with DIN 18650. Thanks to low-maintenance, high-performance hinge bearings, the Jansen Economy 60 anti-finger-trap doors are particularly suitable for buildings with heavy public use such as shopping centres, schools or hospitals.

The Jansen Economy anti-finger-trap door meets the product standard EN 14351-1 for external doors and is CE-certified. The anti-finger-trap doors are compatible with the Janisol range of profiles. Integrated door closers and automatic door drives can also be fitted.

  • No crushing or shearing points in accordance with DIN 18650 at the secondary closing edge
  • High-performance, low-maintenance hinge bearings top and bottom
  • Particularly suitable for doors with heavy public use (schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.)
  • CE-certified, meets the product standard in accordance with EN 14351-1
  • Efficient assembly and installation of fittings
  • Straightforward and cost-effective thanks to the usage of Jansen-Economy 60 profiles from the standard range
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