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We believe that innovation is the result of competence.

Matter that is perfect in itself cannot be improved. But of course, what is made with it can be.

Jansen is committed to innovation. Whether as supplier of construction systems for architectural solutions or as manufacturer of plastic and profile systems – we design the future and develop solutions that inspire our customers.

We help you express your individuality by creating an aesthetic solution even though the elements are technically complex.
Based on long-term technology partnerships and cross-company exchange of knowledge, we succeed in enhancing your competitiveness.

And we have done so for a fairly long time…

Founded by Josef Jansen in 1923 as a craft workshop in Oberriet in Switzerland, Jansen has grown into an international high-tech company. There have been many changes in the course of the company history. But the core business has remained as strong as ever: with expert knowledge of the material and tailor-made solutions, Jansen will continue to set new benchmarks with innovation.

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