TWO by Piet Boon

While the design of our TWO hardware series by Piet Boon may exude simplicity, it is in fact one of the most sophisticated products in the FORMANI collection. The intersection of the lever consists of two symmetrical parts that join in the middle of two separate arteries. Two out of three finishing combinations are with oak. The assembly of these fittings is completed with essential handwork that sees every piece of wood milled independently and fitted together with the stainless parts, like the pieces of an intricate puzzle.

This complex, hand-made product is testament to many hours of hard work and dedication. The result is a truly stunning, unique design which is offered in three different expressions. First is the combination of stainless steel with natural oak; second is the line made from stainless steel and blackened oak; and third is the 100% stainless steel line. The TWO series is a comprehensive total concept collection, consisting of door, window and furniture fittings.


satin stainless steel
oak wood
oak wood black