Strap Conversion Doors

Revamp Your Doors with Schweiss Strap Conversion – The Ultimate Upgrade!

Schweiss Strap Conversion is the ultimate solution to upgrade your existing hydraulic or bifold doors. With its innovative design, this conversion kit replaces outdated cables with strong, durable straps that provide superior performance and reliability. By upgrading to Schweiss Strap Conversion, you can experience smoother, faster door operation, reduced maintenance needs, and increased efficiency. Plus, the kit can be easily installed by a professional or DIY enthusiast, making it a cost-effective way to improve your door’s performance. Don’t settle for outdated technology – upgrade your doors with Schweiss Strap Conversion and enjoy the benefits of modern, efficient operation.

Tired of Cable Doors? Join the Schweiss Strap Conversion Revolution!
Are you tired of dealing with the outdated, unsafe, and costly maintenance of cable bifold doors? Schweiss has the solution – our innovative Strap Conversion kit. With our design, you can retrofit any existing bifold door with our Lift Straps, no matter the make or model. Our Lift Straps are longer-lasting, more durable, and never rust or tangle, providing a faster and quieter door operation. Plus, with a soft start and stop feature, your bifold door will last even longer. Trust Schweiss – our Lift Straps carry a 10-year warranty and outlast cables by three times or more. Upgrade to the latest and greatest in bifold door technology with Schweiss Strap Conversion.

For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of steel cables. Schweiss Doors have been using the popular, long-lasting lift straps for over 20 years. Now 99 percent of our customers are demanding polyester lift straps for this function. Why? Because lift straps offer more lifting ability, won’t fray or overwrap! The strength-to-weight ratio on straps is extremely high. The 3-inch straps are rated at 29,000 lbs., where 1/4″ cables are rated at only 7,200 lbs. In addition, the safety factor on straps is well over the standard 5:1 ratio.

Why use cables when Lift Straps are stronger, longer-lasting, and easier to maintain?
Cables require more maintenance meaning more downtime

  • Loose cables cause problems
  • Cables wear out faster and fray easily over time
  • Uneven cable wrapping causes problems
  • Cables wrap next to each other and cause wear
  • Cables tend to walk all over the lift drum and cause problems
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