#RP Technik

rp tecline 60

Because less is more: rp tecline 60 reduces elevation widths and construction depths to a minimum. Thanks to the outstanding structural properties of steel, the façade system allows for maximum elegance and light penetration – and without the need for costly additional measures such as the insertion of reinforcing profiles!

Planning advantages

Elegant: Narrow face width of 60 mm with small overall depths – thanks to the high static load capacity of steel!
Realization of large spans due to the 3-fold higher modulus of elasticity compared to aluminum.
3 mm wall thickness for high torsional rigidity, especially when integrating windows and doors with high sashes
“ProGrip” connection system: Fast production and secure hold with low material usage
Mixed facade possible: Combine, for example, mullion-transom facades with filigree transoms made of wood
The ideal complement: plan with filigree insert elements from the rp fineline window and door series
All face widths of the rp tecline series can be combined with each other
Compatible with rp hermetic, the system for increased requirements in terms of heat, fire, smoke, burglary protection, etc.

Performance characteristics

Resistance under wind load : + 2,0 /- 3,2 kN/m²; Safety + 3,0 /- 4,8 kN/m²
Air permeability : ≤1800 Pa
Watertightness : RE 1800
Impact strength : I5/E5
Burglar resistance : RC2/RC3
Thermal transmittance : Uf ≥ 0,68 W/m²K

Processing advantages

“ProGrip” connection system for secure grip:
• Faster production
• Secure screw guide
• One system for all depths and Face widths

Optimized processing:
• Fast and safe processing of the butt connectors
• Only drill and screw!
• Elaborate milling is no longer required!
• Plugged seals for a quick, clean Processing, cutting with sealing shears


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