#RP Technik

rp tec 80-1

A sustainably strong solution! Add-on structure of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures featuring a face width of 80 mm.  Its design advantages include its suitability for 0° roof glazing. Another compelling functional advantage is that rp tec 80-1 meets passive building requirements.

Planning advantages

  • Variable add-on curtain wall system with a face width of 80 mm
  • Vertical and polygonal curtain walls up to 30°
  • Meets passive building requirements
    3-level sealing system
  • Can also be configured as heated curtain walls

Performance characteristics

  • Resistance under wind load : +2000/-3200 Pa; Security +3000/-4800 Pa
  • Air permeability : AE
  • Watertightness : RE1500
  • Impact strength : E5-I5
  • Thermal transmittance : Ucw ≥ 0,63 W/m²K
  • Sound insulation : ≤ 47 dB

Processing advantages

  • Easy to process due to modular system structure
  • Proven connection types for cost-effective production:
  • Nail fastening system, set stud technology, screw connection


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