#RP Technik

rp hermetic 70W

Thermally insulated steel window system for attractively designed 1-leaf and 2-leaf windows and partition walls: the glass surfaces of windows and partition walls are in the same surface plane; seamless transitions at the profile joints, with planar mitres, further enhance the elegant impression.

Planning advantages

Steel & glass system for windows (1-leaf and 2-leaf) and partition walls
Optionally also available in a highly insulating variant
Uniform appearance of all rp hermetic 70 door, window and partition wall systems
The glass surfaces of windows and partition walls are in the same surface plane
Compared to other materials, steel offers the advantage of a planar, elegant mitre due to seamless transitions at the profile joints
Can be produced in continuously hot-dip coated steel and high-grade stainless steel
Depending on the requirements, infill thicknesses of up to 69 mm are possible
No weather bar for the sake of a homogeneous appearance
Optimum tightness thanks to three sealing levels
Compatible with other RP Technik window, door and curtain wall systems

Performance characteristics

Resistance under wind load : up to C5
Air permeability : up to class 4
Watertightness : E1050
Impact strength : class 1
Bullet resistance : up to FB4NS (with armouring)
Burglar resistance : up to RC3
Thermal transmittance : ≥ 1,2 W/(m²K) (Windows)
Sound insulation : ≤49 dB
Continuous performance test: mechanical stress : up to class 2
Operating forces : up to class 1
Fall protection barrier glazing : fulfilled (Partition walls)
Mechanical performance : fulfilled
Mechanical strength : up to class 3

Processing advantages

Better cost-effectiveness due to great ease of processing, e.g. thanks to clip-on glazing beads and moulded gasket parts
Tool-free glazing bead installation without screw connections
Precise and quick processing through the use of system-optimised tools and auxiliary means
Dry glazing with vapour pressure equalization and drainage system
Cross-series accessories
Better weldability and effective anti-corrosion protection due to continuously hot-dip coated zinc-magnesium surface