EDGY by Mathieu Bruls

Our EDGY series by Mathieu Bruls is the direct result of a design sketch, which clearly demonstrated that applying pressure to the flat handle would cause the round axis to turn. This design unequivocally counters the misconception that ergonomics can only be achieved by ensuring the contour seamlessly fits into the hand. In contrast, this mismatched shape is wonderfully tactile – a joy to touch. And as is often the case with simplicity, it can be technically very complex. Yet the conundrum is to truly understand what you see before you. EDGY embodies the words of its designer ‘No less, no more – just the right balance’.

The EDGY series is a total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings and is available in the satin stainless steel and satin black finish.


satin stainless steel
satin black