BronzoFinestra BLS75 TB | Lift&Slide

The excellent performance, large dimensional ranges and extremely purist design of the WLS75 TB Lift&Slide are also available in the noble metal par excellence, architectural bronze.In its natural golden glow, or burnished for an evocative finish, architectural bronze is an alloy intended for high-end, exclusive projects, the value of which it significantly enhances.


  1. aesthetic cover
  2. perimeter wall recessed frame
  3. rebate gasket
  4. thermally insulated stailess steel threshold
  5. cold formed and sharp-edged 1,5 mm thick galvanized steel profiles – high precision production lines
  6. profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 51 mm
  7. leaf with aesthetic lock box or 75 mm profile depth
  8. wide choice of glazing beads, rectangular, triangular ad double “L” shape
  9. choice of handles with different design
  10. up to 400 kg


FV 1520D-08

FV 1520R-08

FV 1520S-08


Architectural bronze

Burnished architectural bronze


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