rp tec 55SG


rp tec 55SG

All-glass elegance! rp tec 55SG is the mullion-transom curtain wall for all-glass solutions (SG = Structural Glazing) and features a slim face width. It offers a variety of options for designing transparent, modern architecture with the steel curtain wall advantage of high structural strength.

Planning advantages

  • Structural glazing curtain wall
  • Mullion-transom steel curtain wall system
  • Face width of 55 mm
  • Can be used for vertical, polygonal and 0° roof glazing solutions
  • Burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Suitable for large spans because steel offers 3 times the load carrying capacity of aluminium.

Performance characteristics

  • Burglar resistance : RC 2

Processing advantages

  • Economical processing due to straight cuts and optimised assembly sequences
  • Compatible with rp tec add-on curtain walls and with rp fineline and rp hermetic window systems

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